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Iron Horse Cookery Cookbook

Cook a Meal on the Fireman's Shovel of a Steam Locomotive

This is the original and most authoritative recipe book that guides you step-by-step through preparing meals in the cab of an authentic, full-sized, standard-gauge century-old coal-fired working steam locomotive!  

Why? Our mission is about preservation. We have been acclaimed as the 'Most authentic and best preserved historic railroad facility in America.  But it isn't just about preserving the equipment. That's an important part of it, but we also are all about preserving the stories of the people, mostly first-generation immigrants, who worked here.

We did not invent cooking in the firebox of a steam locomotive here.  That was the ingenuity of those early train crews.  'During the day' train crews worked long days - sometimes 16 or 18 hours in a single day.  They could not take a break and go get breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The lived on the locomotive during their shift. They improvised food as they could, and often cooked on the locomotive, in the firebox.

We created the Iron Horse Cookery Cookbook and Experience to remember and honor these hard-as-steal railroad people who helped build America.  You will enjoy turning the pages and dreaming about those early train crews stirring up some grub while waiting on a siding for another train to pass.  We have tried each recipe out in the cab of our century-old Locomotive 40 while she was under a full head of steam.  If you like, you will find that most of the recipes can be adapted to your own oven or iron skillet.  


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